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Assembly and Test Cost and Price Model


The Assembly and Test Cost and Price Model - 2022 - revision 01 is now available data updates, new feature and bug fixes. BUY NOW!


To request a demo copy please send us an email.



The IC Knowledge - Assembly and Test Cost and Price Model is a brand new cost and price model from the world leader in semiconductor and MEMS cost and price modeling. The Assembly and Test Cost and Price model covers wafer sorts, assembly of leadframe and organic substrates packages including EMIB, wafer level packaging and InFO and class test. The model is user customizable and we are continually adding new features. This is a complete OSAT model and an ideal companion to our Strategic Cost and Price Model.


Supported assembly processes

Leadframe, organic substrate, ceramic substrate, wafer level and InFO.


Supported wafer sizes

75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.


Supported cost elements

Overall wafer sort, assembly cos and class test cost, cost of each assembly and test step, material usage.


Who should buy this product

The IC Knowledge - Assembly and Test Cost and Price Model is widely used by IDMs, Fabless companies, Analysts, Consultants, Electronics Systems and Automotive Companies and many others. The model is used for benchmarking, evaluating pricing, market research and many other uses. Our model customers include most of the worlds largest IDMs, Fabless and Electronics Systems companies.


Current revision updates:

  • Fixed a labeling error in the wafer level tape and reel calculation.
  • Adjusted tape and reel throughput and material cost.
  • Added margin to organic interposers.
  • Adjusted wafer saw set up time.
  • Added 1 spindle + laser to sawing options.
  • Fixed an error in the heat spreader cost calculation.
  • Added 5nm to the "ASIC Product Type" lookup.


System Requirements

The Model runs inside of Microsoft Excel and requires the user to have Excel 2010 or higher installed on their computer. There are are known compatibility issues with Excel 2007 and Open Office and any third party Excel compatible product.


Model Cost and How to Buy

A single user license for one person to install the model on one computer is $1,900. An enterprise license allowing an unlimited number of users at a company is $6,462. Lower prices are available in our on-line store for credit card orders only! The model may be purchased on-line with a credit card here or you may email or fax us a purchase order with 30 day terms. The model is delivered by email within a few hours of our receiving an order. The model cost includes twelve months of updates and support per our support policy. Renewal costs at the end of twelve months are discounted 1/3 off the current prices.


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Support Policy - the support policy, support request form and add process request form are all available here.


Support materials such as the training video, manual and applications notes are available in the registered users training directory.